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May 6, 2018…A Guest Post by Leandro Mueller

Spring Bucket List: 12 Boomeresque Fun Activities You Shouldn’t Miss

Kiss the winter goodbye, coz Spring has finally arrived! Now that the weather is getting warmer, flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining, it is time to have a lot of fun! Of course, we don’t want to waste this beautiful season without doing a lot of awesome experiences. So, let us fill your Spring bucket list with these fun-filled and unique activities:

Spring Bucket List Fun Baby Boomer Activities

Fun And Unique Activities To Include In Your Spring Bucket List


Spring into action and experience skydiving this season! Feel the rush of free falling from 13,500 feet and the unforgettable, exhilarating experience that this fear factor activity will give you.

skydiving boomers

Real Possibilities: Healthcare

Tune up your health coverage and update your policies. A new Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) has been rolled out, did you get yours? Is your Medicare coverage still enough for your needs, or it would be helpful to have a Medicare Supplemental plan (Medigap)? Spring is a perfect time to answer those questions and take important actions.

real possibilities boomers

Attend a Spring Tradition!

Celebrate the arrival of Spring Season by attending a Spring tradition celebration. People around the world has their own unique ways to welcome Spring and say goodbye to winter. It would be great if you can go to different countries to witness those kinds of tradition, but if you can’t, why not create one with your family!

spring tradition

Bond with your pets – outside!

Your pets also deserve to experience the beautiful Spring season outdoors. Go to a park or a place where your pet can run and be free. Don’t forget to take necessary safety precautions for pets as this season can cause allergies and some possible accidents.

bonding with pets

Be in style with current Spring fashion trend

Spring outside with the latest fashion trend. Update your closet and be in style this season. Rev up your look as you go outdoors with the latest Spring fashion trends.


 Go on an impulsive road trip

Allison Norton describes impulsive road trip are the ones that happen in a spur of the moment decision. Choose a place that you always want to visit and grab your special someone and go for it! Don’t forget your camera to snap the special moments you’ll have during your road trip.


Get a hair makeover

Compliment your Spring fashion with a change in hairstyle. Try a different hair color or some golden streaks. Go overboard with a different haircut, perm or straighten your hair.

boomer makeover

Go camping

Winter has made you stay indoors for so long, now that it is over, it is time to go out and bond with nature again! Go ahead and find the perfect campsite in your area. Don’t forget your tent, sleeping bags and of course some insect repellant (because bugs missed you too!).

camping boomer

Go hiking

Thaw your frozen body and go on a hike. This Spring bucket list activity will surely jumpstart your body from its cold vacation. Warm up and stretch your muscles for an awesome hiking journey!

boomer hiking

Join a Spring challenge

Join a Spring challenge near you! Spring challenge may be comprised of biking, hiking, running and other physical activities that require agility and strength. If you have what it takes to finish the challenge or want to upgrade your abilities, join an event this season!


Visit a flea market

Most of us are doing Spring cleaning and home makeover. Visit a flea market to find decorative house items that can complement the new designs or theme of your home at a very reasonable price!


Attend classes and learn new things

Spring season is also a great time to plant seeds of knowledge and skills. Take advantage of this season to cultivate your skills and learn new things. Since this season offers scenic views of nature, it is a perfect time to take photography class and learn how to snap amazing photos of nature and other moments that captivate your eyes.

boomers learning
Make the most out of this Spring season. I hope the activities listed here made it to your Spring bucket list this year or next to come. Enjoy and have fun!

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Epilogue by DG Gridley

And if you are the primary caregiver for a spouse, parent, or anyone who needs your help, please allow someone else to give you a break so you can do some of the things listed above, or anything that gives you joy. I like the example of traveling by plane with a small child and the oxygen masks drop because of turbulence. You are instructed to put the mask on yourself first, because if you pass out, no one will be available to care for the child. Take care of yourself so you will be better able to care for the one who needs your help. Aging With Grace, The Health Club for Seniors, is here for you in Lexington, KY, and the surrounding area. We offer nursing services, health improvement activities, good food, fun, and friends at the clubhouse and Help At Home Services at your house.

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