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May 18, 2015

I have been working at the clubhouse everyday and on weekends for about a month now. I have totally moved our home office here at 2100 Liberty Road. We have locks on all the files and the security system for the building is installed. The security people, Bates/Sonitrol, even sent a gentleman to the club to train me on their computer dashboard capabilities. Pretty cool stuff. Still have to install the security cameras.

The time keeping system is functional, and I am going to take a class remotely tomorrow to learn how to best use it. Members will need their cards or codes to enter the building. The door will be locked to guests, who will have to ring to enter. If someone tries to exit without using the code or card, a gentle reminder voice will say “excuse me, did you forget to use your membership card or code?”.

Our background checking company is working beautifully. They are expensive, but totally worth it. As my son said, “At that price you want to be sure the person you are thinking of hiring is a good candidate”. Indeed. The drug screening before hiring protocol is working well, too. When we open, we will do random drug screenings by pulling names out of a hat, or because of a suspicion. The person will be asked to leave work and immediately go to BaptistWorx for a test. Refusal is grounds for dismissal.

TB tests have to be updated yearly, and they must be injected, unfortunately. I hate those for myself, but I will have one too. BaptistWorx does those as well.

Last but not least, we have to have a copy of each staff person’s license/certification in their files for when we are inspected by the Office of the Inspector General.

Our seven phones on two lines are installed but I am still learning how to use them. We are going to use one of the lines as a fax in addition to a second line, but do not have the technology installed yet that will detect a fax from a regular call and send it to the fax machine. Our new numbers are 859 523 7337 and 859 554 6436. Incoming calls come to our admin office first, then after two rings they go to the Wellness Consultant’s office, and if someone does not pick up there after two rings it goes to voice mail. Of course we can transfer calls to the Dining Director’s office, the break room, the spa, the Jeter-Charles Dining Room, or the Gym.

We have all the wiring and cable in place for the two large televisions that we will use for exercise DVD’s in the gym and for playing Wii in the Linton Lounge. We will also have a projector and screen for people who would like to show a power point or other media from their computers. Oh…and we have Wifi for members and guests to log onto while they are in the clubhouse.

Still working to open at the end of this month. Probably won’t be licensed by then though. While we are waiting to be inspected for licensing, we can reach out to the community with guest speakers and entertainers, and we can do Wellness Consultations in potential member’s homes and accept them as members to ensure there will be room for them when we do have our license. Only 40 members can attend at any one time. Also, the clubhouse will be available for renting for receptions, meetings, and parties in the evenings and on Sundays, for $30.00 per hour, with a four hour minimum.

Here is our Grace Place Price List and here is an invitation to the community to come to the club and educate or entertain us: Grace Place invitation to guest speakers.

We also want to invite artists to display two and three dimensional work here at the club. They may place it here in hopes of selling it, or just to share.

Please call us if you have any questions!

May you and yours have a beautiful week of May 18–24!

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