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December 11, 2017

We are unique. There is nothing like us in Lexington, or anywhere to my knowledge. We have been open for two and a half years. We are proud of the service we have given to over 30 seniors during that time. We are currently serving 10 seniors but hoping to serve many more soon. We offer concierge services to our members in a boutique style health club for seniors. We are exclusive…not everyone can be a member here. We want to serve as many seniors as possible, and we can save people money, but we do come at a price. And we have to limit the number of members who use Medicaid as a payment source because Medicaid reimbursements have proved to be unreliable and unpredictable. We will keep a waiting list of Medicaid eligible potential members.

Aging With Grace is not limited to services provided at The Clubhouse. We also offer Help At Home Services. We want to help our members age with grace and sometimes that means getting help at home. We will maintain the highest ethical standards as we deliver just what our members need and want with the utmost respect and caring. We will bend over backwards to maintain the dignity of our members. Bea Well Power Point for linked in


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