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December 16, 2017

Our society is delusional and in denial about getting older and the inevitable death we all face. While my son was working for a reclamation company last summer, he was assigned to a job site to clean up a home where a woman had died in the home, alone, except for her two dogs and a cat. By the time she was discovered, the dogs and cat had eaten her flesh. A woman told me yesterday that one of her clients had broken his leg at home alone, and was immobilized on the floor for two days until a neighbor discovered him. He was severely dehydrated and you can imagine the rest. We just don’t know when our time will come. It is in our best interest to have some people we are accountable to so that if something happens we won’t lay in agony until help arrives or we die from our maladies after suffering alone.

The Lexington Fire and Rescue Squad goes on many calls daily to help people off the floor who have fallen. Those rescued are the ones fortunate enough to have a life alert system or access to a phone when they fall. Falling becomes more likely as we get older, especially if we don’t exercise and eat right, don’t get regular medical tests and screenings, don’t take the right medications at the right time in the right dosages, don’t have someone who can help us when we aren’t feeling well, don’t have our house fall proofed, don’t use assistance devices. We here at Aging With Grace can help with all of that.

Please be in touch with reality. You are getting older and you will die of something at some point. Statistics show that there is a period of disability for most people prior to death. We will need help with getting our meals, getting our chores done, getting around, and maybe with even more personal things like getting dressed, using the toilet or getting our adult diapers changed, getting bathed, getting from a bed to a chair, or even getting turned over in bed to prevent pressure ulcers. Joining our health club for seniors is a logical, practical way to manage the aging process. We are all members of the same club…the aging club…so why not join the health club for seniors so we can help each other through this process with grace and dignity? Just call 859 539 2147 to get started now.


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