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August 14, 2016

Have I told you about Bob (not his real name)? He has been a member of the club since last October. Bob could be the poster child for Aging With Grace because he is living proof of the benefits of exercise as we age. He is 90 now but he told me that when he was 50, he looked at himself and said: “Bob, you are out of shape and overweight and you need to do something about it”, so he joined a gym and started jogging five miles every day. He stopped smoking and started eating healthier. He lifted a few weights too. He said he lost so much weight so quickly that people thought he had cancer! I truly believe that he saved himself from the normal course of aging in this country, which is decreasing mobility and competency, increasing isolation, illnesses and a slow death.

Bob exercises with us three times a week, but his favorite thing to do is play cards. Gin Rummy is his game. He said he played almost nightly with his wife of 65 years before her passing. He misses her terribly of course. He still wants to play Gin Rummy though. He needs a new partner here at Aging With Grace. We don’t have any members right now who know the game well enough to make it fun for Bob. He is a really, really good player! Can you volunteer an hour or two each week to play cards with Bob? Bob, his daughter, and I will be extremely grateful and you will have so much fun!

If you are interested please call me, DG Gridley at 859 539 2147 or email me: or just pop in sometime and let’s chat! 2100 Liberty Road, Lexington 40509

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