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The Present: September 20

The Alzheimer’s Association’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s is next Saturday here in Lexington, KY:

Saturday, September 27, 2014
Fayette County Courthouse
Registration at 9am | Ceremony at 9:45am | Walk at 10am
Route Length: 2 miles

To join our team online, go to: and click on the green ‘register’ button in the middle of the page.  Then type in our team’s name “Aging With Grace” on the next page.

I have participated in the walk for the past four years, and it is always a meaningful and uplifting experience. Please do come down and see for yourself. The Alzheimer’s Association does so much to help families deal with the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. A little education goes a long way to improve the lives of the caregivers and to ease the suffering of those with dementia.

Today was a really fun day with the grandsons. I slept until 8:30 am, which is really late for me, because M-F I wake up at 6:00 am to get Elijah on the school bus at 7:00. I think I am fighting a cold or something. Anyway, Nolan and Jack woke up before me and so my husband Lawrence was watching them for about a half hour until I got up. They were gleefully enjoying a large cardboard box that Lawrence brought home from his classroom so that I could start boxing things up to take to the health club for seniors when that time comes. I cooked oatmeal, toast, and scrambled eggs for all of us, and then the boys and I dressed and went to Walmart to buy a Betta male fish and some tennis balls while Lawrence mowed the yard. I had promised Jack that if he had a good week of school and did not play the X-box all week, we would buy the fish and play tennis at Woodland Park on Saturday.

We found a Sponge Bob pineapple house beside the fish display and I just had to buy it. Ben the Betta loves it too and swims in and out the windows and doors. I have become such a fan of the Sponge Bob cartoons since I began caring for my grandsons. I see personality traits in the characters that match those of my family members and the comparisons and their antics are hilarious.

After getting the fish acclimated to his new home, the boys and I washed our cars. It was really warm out today and I did not mind a bit when Nolan sprayed me with the hose. Nolan, the two year old, so enjoys the power of holding a spraying hose. He actually helped a little to rinse off the cars after Jack and I soaped them. That Jack, he loves to clean, God love him.

Then we had lunch and Nolan took a nap. He woke up cranky and cried for almost a half hour because I would not let him wear one of the shirts I bought half price for Jack at the Rhea Lana consignment sale this past week. It was ridiculously big on him and looked like a dress. I decided to wait for Lawrence, who was out shopping at the Christian book store, to come back home and accompany us to the park so he could look after Nolan in order for Jack and I to “play tennis”. Jack actually got the ball over the net a few times, but of course most of the time we were ‘ball chasing’, but that was okay because it was good exercise. We played in the playground too. I surprised myself by still being able to shimmy up a pole. The kids in the playground stared at me with an expression that said “You are too old to be doing that”, but I didn’t mind. It was fun!

The better part of the week, over forty hours Monday through Friday, was spent finding a home for the health club for seniors, and still we do not have a brick and mortar address! Everything is ready; the programming, the staff, the ancillary services, and a good amount of furnishings and supplies have been purchased. We have a couple of promising leads, but nothing concrete. If you know of an approximately 4,000 square feet property that has a spa like atmosphere in an upscale setting that is for lease, please let us know! I am still hoping that our original choice of property to lease becomes available again, but I have not heard from the owner for over a week after I asked him to reconsider leasing to us.

Please pray for a property that is suitable for the health club for seniors to become available soon. Our Certificate of Need expires in November. The SBA loan may have an expiration date too, but I don’t know about that. God’s timing is not our timing. God’s will be done.

May you and yours be blessed this coming week.

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