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The Present: September 15

This post is late and my only excuse is that I took care of my grandsons all weekend while our son worked. Saturday I spent an hour with Jack at Camp Hope, which happened from 9-4:30, sponsored by Hospice of the Bluegrass, for children ages 6-12 who have experienced the death of a loved one in the recent past. I think he benefited from it and I am very grateful to the staff and volunteers who made it all possible. While Jack was at camp, Nolan and I went to Immanuel Baptist church to attend a Beth Moore Simulcast Live seminar. There was supposed to have been childcare provided but it was canceled so Nolan and I got some more ‘bonding’ time in. We had to leave the seminar a little early because we had a neighborhood association picnic to attend, and since I am on the board, I volunteered to help take supplies over to Masterson Station Park’s picnic shelter by the new playground. It was a beautiful evening, albeit a little chilly. My son came to drop off Jack (my son joined Jack at the camp for the closing ceremonies) and pick up Nolan. I was very grateful. Nolan wears me out.

Sunday I got them ready for church in time for my First Impressions duty at 10:00. Lawrence leaves the house at 8:00 because he is a dedicated choir member. I talked Lawrence into joining the choir years ago when I joined. I thought I would enjoy it, but after two years, I was not enjoying it. I knew it was time to quit when a woman standing in front of me during practice turned around and said to me “Isn’t this fun?” at the exact moment that I was saying to myself “This is not fun”. I like to sing, but standing and singing the same verses over and over during rehearsals after a day of work did not suit me. Lawrence, and the rest of the choir members, obviously love it to work as hard as they do. Each one of us have gifts and talents, and we are each unique.

The rest of the day Sunday, Lawrence helped me make a bedroom for Jack out of my studio. It was sad for me to give up my studio, but Jack must have his own room so he can get to sleep at a decent time in order to get up for school the next day. He has been sleeping on the sofa in the family room where his father watches television until late at night. Besides, God willing, soon I can set up a studio at the health club for seniors for all to enjoy!

Last Sunday I did not feel well and did not go to church and spent the day taking care of the boys while expending the least amount of energy possible. In other words, they watched cartoons most of the day. Jack has had that cough that is going around and needed a day of rest anyway.

In between last weekend and this past weekend, I went to a couple of elder service provider networking and synergy meetings, visited a chiropractor for my painful left shoulder, worked with a real estate agent to find suitable property for the health club for seniors, and  I attended the funeral of one of my aunts in the back country of southern Indiana. She had been declining in a nursing home for nine years, so it was an anticipated event and very beautiful.

I also met with a contractor who is supposed to repair the failing work his company did on my house three years ago. I am compiling a list of reputable contractors so that when a member of the health club for seniors needs repairs and or improvements on their home, they can trust the work is going to be done right and at a fair price. Because without referrals, finding a good contractor is a crap shoot. I found the contractor who did the shoddy work on my house at Sam’s Club. They had a kiosk set up there. And they had one at Home Depot. And they were on the Better Business Bureau’s “A List”. And they were members of the Kentucky Home Builder’s Association. And still they were shysters. Because of the trauma and drama they caused us, and are still causing us, they should have paid us to do the work they did on our house, instead of us paying them $30,000. I had to get the county building permit inspector to threaten them three years ago in order to get the work done correctly (at least we thought they would do it correctly after that). Looks like we might have to sue them if they don’t fix the problems we are seeing.

And I talked with a city employee who has the power to change the way city services are offered to seniors. I suggested they “package” them and put a tab on the website directing people to the services that the city provides. The services truly are useful and beneficial to those who need them. If you care to know what services the city offers, just ask me. Because until the city installs that tab on their website, it is impossible to discover what those services are unless you know what you are looking for. I  have a list that I have compiled so that I can share them with the members of the health club for seniors, but I will happily share them with you if you ask me.

Until next week….may God bless you and yours!

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  1. Kristy Billings says:

    Thank you for sharing this post. I wish I was able to make it to the picnic but I had to work. Please let me know if you need anything. I would love to help with the kids to give you a breather when you need it. I am just a phone call away. My work schedule is a little crazy right now but I will be switching to a 1st shift position October 15th so I will have a more “normal” home life. I continue to pray that you will have a site for the health club. It will be a great day for everyone when it finally opens!

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