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The Present: July 26

Our daughter in law passed away last Friday from a sudden illness. We are still in shock and trying to figure out how to live in our new reality with our son and his two young children living in our home as of Thursday evening. The details are complicated, but let it suffice to say that our son will be starting a new job soon and we need to find childcare because I cannot be their sole caregiver at this juncture. They need constant supervision. To take one’s eyes off of them for even just a minute means someone is going to get hurt—the younger one, of course.

Our daughter in law also left a twelve year old son by another relationship. His father is totally out of the picture, so we are also trying to figure out what is best for him. He elected to stay with his mother’s best friend and her family for now.

Today is our daughter in law’s memory sharing get together. We are going to have another one on Monday that will be a more formal affair. I would like to help get pictures and flowers, etc. together, but with the young children in my care, I find it difficult to even use the bathroom. The five year old talks incessantly and wants me to play with him all the time, and the almost-two-year-old moves constantly, except when he is asleep, which is why I am writing this early in the morning before they get up. My husband is no help at all when it comes to minding the children, just like when our three sons were little. He is good for shopping and repairing things though, and I have to be satisfied with that. He has been given the responsibility of meals and dishes. We will see how that plays out. So far so good.

I spent nap time yesterday trying to find a good daycare for them. No results yet.

I don’t understand why God has allowed this to happen; I just know He did allow it and I have to trust it is for the ultimate good. I love my son and grandsons and will take each day as it comes and work as hard as I can to promote goodness for all. My challenge will be to make sure I am drinking enough fluids and eating enough healthy food. Not hurting myself lifting my grandchildren or saving them from a disaster is also a challenge. Good thing I am in good physical condition, though. I can’t imagine some of my overweight and out of shape friends who are my age taking care of grandchildren the age of our grandchildren.

Now I need to get dressed and finish cleaning up my office so a relative can sleep here tonight. We are going to have a busy weekend. Life is full of surprises.

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