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September 12, 2015

We have had a good week and are looking forward to even better weeks from here on. We have three members now, and we have all the processes in place to smoothly onboard many more. I know onboard is not a word, but we are making a new word to describe what happens after a potential member has had a Wellness Consultation and we have received a copy of the medical records for the potential member, and we have designed the Wellness Map for the new member and made a copy for the new member to keep in their possession, to be updated regularly. After all that the new member is invited to the club for an Onboarding Meeting. At the Onboarding Meeting, the new member is guided through the recommendations and records in the Wellness Map, and final Essential papers are signed and copied. The new member is given an Aging With Grace membership card, which also serves as a name tag and a key to unlock our door via the barcode. After the onboarding meeting, the new member may stay for the rest of the day or come back another day to enjoy their membership at the club.

New members are entitled to a week (five days) of free attendance as part of our Founding Member Special. The first 20 members to join the club will benefit from this special offer.

We take cash, checks, credit cards, and can do ACH bank account debits.

Our registered nurse, our licensed practical nurse, our assistant to nursing (state registered), our dining director, and I (our administrator) are ready to serve you. We also have a club maintenance man and a person who focuses on educating the community about how we can help people not just stay alive in their older years, but to THRIVE!

Dont let what you cannot do stand in the way of what you can doMay you and yours be blessed during this coming week!

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