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October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween! Mom and I are looking forward to giving out candy tonight. Yesterday I had to hide the Halloween candy we bought to give out to the trick-or-treaters tonight…Mom was eating it all up!

I love my mom-in-law and am doing my very best to give her the highest quality of life possible, and of course that means meeting her health and hygiene needs. I really miss THE HEALTH CLUB FOR SENIORS where I got help with all that. It is a lonely and challenging job to do it all by myself. I am so looking forward to opening again in a couple of weeks. At AGING WITH GRACE 50+ we actually had fun doing what I find challenging to do at home where it is just Mom and I. Like washing and styling her hair–she doesn’t want to go to a salon and she doesn’t even like me to comb her hair, but she liked going to AGING WITH GRACE 50+.

We are hoping to open in a couple of weeks because we are expecting the delayed Medicaid payments to arrive anytime. We have reviewed the lease agreement with our lawyer and just have a couple of requests to be added for clarification.

One of the reasons we had to close temporarily was a lack of an adequate number of members (customers). The other problem was a failure of the Medicaid system to reimburse us for valid and legitimate charges for the services we provided to Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver participants. If the Medicaid monies do not come in this week, I am going to beg on the streets for help. I have made multiple phone calls to local law and government authorities to make sure I won’t be arrested, and I understand my parameters. I am going to hold up a sign that says “I AM ADDICTED TO HELPING SENIORS STAY OUT OF NURSING HOMES” and another sign will say “MEDICAID IS A FLAWED SYSTEM AND HAS MY HANDS TIED”. My hands will be tied to attract attention. Since I am Mom’s full time caregiver and I can’t afford to pay someone else to take care of her during my begging campaign, I will park our car nearby within eyesight and she can sit in the car. I will take breaks to see to her needs. She likes to sit in the car if she can watch people coming and going. I hope the weather continues to be mild next week.

May you and yours have a blessed week ahead.


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