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October 22, 2017

Next weekend we are celebrating my father’s 85th birthday. He lives in a condominium in Louisville. Like so many older folks, a condo has been a good place for him to live because he has not had to do any yard work or outside home maintenance. Now that he is in his 80’s, however, he has experienced increasing health problems which have limited his ability to get around. He can still drive, but it is becoming more and more difficult for him to get in and out of the car. His condo has a downstairs, where he must go to do his laundry. Fortunately, his wife is able to go up and down stairs and she does his laundry for him. If it wasn’t for his wife, when he can no longer drive, the only way to get food into the house, would be to order take out or arrange for groceries to be delivered. He still cooks a little. I need to check into whether there is an organization like Wheels in Louisville if they would ever like to utilize such a transportation service. I know they are determined to stay in their condo no matter what as long as possible. I have invited them to move in with my husband and I, but of course they declined.

So I may have to be a long distance care giver at some point. My father is a veteran, and I have given him the information about Aide and Attendance benefits, but he says his income is just a hair too high to be eligible. More research is needed. We can hire an at-home caregiver for him but I would worry about exploitation, neglect, and abuse. I would have to install a surveillance system. I wish we had an Aging With Grace club near him so he could go there during the day and just have a caregiver at home on the evenings and weekends if he needs one. He would be bored to be home all day. He has visited the club here in Lexington and loves it.

May you and yours be blessed in the week ahead.

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