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March 2, 2015

Our zone change request went before the Lexington Council Members last Thursday, and they had no objections! Now all we need is a green light from the Certificate of Need Office, the State Building Inspector, the licensing board for adult day centers after an inspection (after everything is in place, but before we open) and Medicaid Certification. Oh, and the Silver Sneaker Program certification. But that is optional. Unfortunately, Medicare does not pay for care and rehabilitation after surgery in a medical model adult day center like ours. Medicare will pay for a limited amount of care and rehabilitation after surgery (as long as you are ADMITTED and are in the hospital for three days and nights) in a nursing home, which is so much more expensive. And research shows that patients recover better when they are in familiar surroundings. Our lawmakers need to change that . It would save the taxpayers and the government millions.

This Organizational Chart shows how the Director is not the boss. It reminds me of how the contractor who is coordinating all of the remodeling of our future club house is not the boss. Sure, he tells people who are working on the building what to do, but he has to take directions from the owner of the building, the various inspectors, and other involved parties (I am not naming names here). Just as the Director of Grace Place has to give the medical staff’s and the member’s doctor’s medical decisions precedence over all other decisions, the contractor defers to the electricians, the heating and air installers, the plumbers, etc., in matters pertaining to their expertise. The main contractor, like the director of Grace Place, is more of a coordinator than a boss. In both instances, the goal is to make good things happen. Somebody has to orchestrate it all. Which reminds me of another analogy….Grace Place Organizational Chart

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