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June 25, 2017

This week I learned that I need to bring my mother in law home as soon as possible. They prepped her to give her a colonoscopy at St. Joe even though we told them not to. And they were not giving her one of her blood pressure medications that she has been on for years so her blood pressure went up. She is back at Cardinal Hill as of yesterday, but she does not drink enough and I don’t think the staff there holds the cup up to her mouth and encourages her to drink often enough. She does not want to drink because she cannot get out of bed on her own to use the toilet. Now she is back on a catheter after her bout with a fever and low blood pressure which turned out to be pneumonia. Cardinal Hill had cut one of her three times a day meds back to once a day and she was suffering from that too.

First we have to get a reclining wheelchair because she will be in it all day long at the club, and a bedside commode with drop down sides, and a wheelchair ramp, and a hospital bed. We shopped for the reclining wheelchair on Saturday and it was really nice, but I am not sure Medicare will pay for it and we certainly can’t afford it. My husband and I also worked this weekend to make one of the bathrooms here at the club suitable for giving a shower to a member like my mother in law, because our bathroom at home is not big enough for a wheelchair.

I have been trying for three weeks to get the wheelchair ramp built, with no success. Does anybody out there know somebody in the Lexington area that does that regularly enough to know what they are doing? If so, please have them call me at 859 539 2147

Wheels is a wonderful transportation service here in Lexington. They provide door to door transportation for disabled people. My mother in law loves to ride the Wheels buses and she loves the kindly drivers. They can put wheelchairs on a lift and buckle them in for the ride. I also want to buy a foam rubber pad covered in fabric that I saw at the wheelchair store. So for about $60 a month (a very low cost considering what they do), but which I also can’t afford, she can ride to and from the club each day.

I am praying for God’s guidance as we go forward. I trust Him for everything.

May you and yours have a blessed week ahead.



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