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January 17, 2016

An organization like ours is made up of people. An organization is only as good as the people who work in it. The leaders of the organization have a role in determining what people work in the organization, so it is especially important to know the leaders of the organization to know the quality of the people under the leader that have already been hired and who will be hired in the future.

We are a ‘mom and pop shop’ type of business because we are family owned and operated. And this is our only facility. We have a vested interest in the success of our adult day center. It is where we want to spend our days when we can no longer be safely on our own—in fact it is where we like to be even now to have the best health possible as we age. It is where we would care for my father or for Larry’s mother if they could no longer live where they are now. My father lives in Louisville and enjoys coming here with my step-mother to spend the day when he has the opportunity because he says it is so much fun!

One of the other medical adult day centers in town is corporate owned and has other adult day centers across the country. The other two are operated by large non-profit organizations that have other facilities that they also operate. I encourage everyone to tour all the medical adult day centers (and there is also one social model) in town before making a decision about who is going to care for their loved one. If possible, spend an entire day in each one to really get the feel for the place.

Adult day centers vary widely. Some conduct their programming as if they were a classroom. Some don’t have much programming at all. Some have mentally and physically challenged younger people that are in the majority or the minority. We have chosen to only have folks 50 and older attend our place, and we have chosen to conduct our programming as if we were a country club and spa. We are not a country club, but we do offer spa treatments. And we model our programming after the English because we think they are fun and funny. We call our restrooms ‘loos’.

We have two group exercises per day, and two sessions of two different workshops/club meetings/guest speakers. We have a tasty breakfast and lunch (emphasis on tasty—we pride ourselves on serving good restaurant quality food) and a fun afternoon snack that we call “Tea and a Tale Time”, where we tell jokes and funny stories.

In the late afternoon we play Wii games or work puzzles or play card or board games. Programming is important. But just as important, if not more important, is the medical aspect of what we do. Each member has a Wellness Map designed by our Wellness Consultant, who is a registered nurse. Daily and weekly vitals and measurements are taken to help our members get to their best health possible.

We have detected a blood clot in one member before it became a major problem, diabetes in another member before she fell or went into diabetic shock, a suspicious looking skin cancer growth and other medical concerns in other members. We work with families and the member’s personal physician to ensure that the member is getting the best medical care possible.

And we are a resource for families. We have contacts outside the adult day center that we can refer our members and their families to in hopes of helping them. Getting older is complicated. We are here to help navigate the confusing jungle of health care and how to pay for it.

We are the least expensive form of long term care, by the way. Please come see us!

Here is Bea Well’s (my alter ego) health tip of the week:

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