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February 4, 2018

Sharing is caring and I would like to share what I have learned this past week. I knew that some families are not good about taking care of their elders in a loving and caring way. I knew that sometimes siblings fight over who will be the one to care for their parent (especially when there is money involved). I knew that judges do not always make the right choices for who should be the guardian and conservator. I did not know that if the sibling who lives with the parent in the parent’s home is not chosen as the guardian and conservator, they can be immediately evicted without 30 days notice, even though their possessions are still in the home. I hope and pray that all the poor demented seniors out there who have family who are not capable of taking good care of them are getting good care elsewhere.

I want to learn more about guardianship. There may be a time when a member joins our club who has no children competent enough to take care of them. In that case, I may want to become their guardian. Does a court always give guardianship to family rather than a qualified other person?

Getting older is complicated. There is much to learn and know about concerning legal and financial matters, healthcare and custodial care. Protect yourself by learning all you can. If you wait until you have a crisis, it will be too late. Joining our health club for seniors is a good place to start. We are a resource and learning center as well as a place to trust with helping you with your health and custodial care needs as you get older. Joining does not cost much, and when you need to access our services, you can be assured you are getting the best for less.

power chair no sign

Unless you are paralyzed from the neck down, you should not be using this to get around. Work with a health professional to build your muscles so you can use a regular wheelchair or a walker. If you don’t use your muscles you will become weaker and weaker.

And remember: motorized chairs (the kind that get you from point A to B and the kind that help you get up), watching too much television, food and beverages with sugar, and medications for mild pain are your enemies. They seem helpful and nice but each of them, alone or combined, will drag you deeper into disability. Follow us on twitter, Facebook and Pinterest for more health tips.






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