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February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015The city plowed the trail today (thank you, LFUCG) and I went for a good walk this afternoon, despite the frigid temperatures! This weather has put a kink in my exercise routine. I normally walk on the Townbranch Trail behind our home (seen behind me in this picture…I am standing on a deck about 20 feet higher than the trail) six days a week, even in the rain. The snow was so deep that walking felt more like treading grapes. Even so, I “walked”, but I have to admit I cut it short on the days I walked, and have skipped a few days this past week because it is was not fun.  It felt so good to stride along at a good clip today after they plowed…but I did have to be careful on the icy spots, of which there were many.

I took some time last week to call some older folks that I knew might be in need of something this past week. It was good to talk with them and to know they were okay.

So many events were canceled last week by what many are calling “Snowmageddon” that I spent most of my week online shopping for many of the fixtures and appliances that we will need when we are finally open. I am taking great care and doing my research before buying a coffee/tea brewer/dispenser, an ice maker, a water fountain, a bottled water dispenser, a hand soap dispenser, a toilet paper dispenser, a paper towel dispenser, and a television mounting system. I know from experience that such things make a big difference in the quality of a place and can either be a nuisance or a blessing with repeated daily use.

I also met with the cable/internet/phone system wiring guy at the business site to make sure we have what we need in place for hooking up our stuff. We will have a big screen TV in the gym and a smaller one for using to play Wii games in the Linton Lounge. We will also have a mobile projector for hooking up to a computer and showing power points or anything else on a screen from a computer.

My husband, the schoolteacher, was home all week because of the snow, so he and I shopped at Lowe’s, Walmart and Sam’s for various things needed for the club. I accomplished more online, however. Lowe’s did have the toilets, sinks, and faucets we liked, and at a good price. They also have some heavy duty laminate flooring for the gym. They could not help us out with the cabinets for the serving area in the dining room though, and recommended Hager Cabinets, which we visited today.

I also did some work with Adcolor to make a daily schedule that we can display in a large format on an easel in the foyer and write on with a dry erase marker everyday to let people know who our guest speakers, entertainers, club meetings, and exercises for the day will be.

We are still looking for registered nurses to be our Wellness Consultants, by the way.

Please be careful out there and please reach out to someone who might be in need and if they are not in need , to at least wish them a happy last week of February!
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