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February 18, 2018

This past week I attended a luncheon for older folks (55 and up) that meets monthly at a church. It is called the XYZ Meeting. Xtra Years of Zest. There is usually a guest presenter or entertainer, and this week the speaker was from one of the assisted living communities in town. Sharon Metz from Hometown Manor gave us all a handout written by Tracey Javid that I thought was very informative and well thought out. It focused on levels of care and how to address those concerns where you live. I liked how she had the prices and the names of the local companies and communities in the handout. I hope she goes to all the places of worship and presents to all the seniors in town. I wish I had time to do it. People need to start planning. We are all getting older.  There is so much to know about where to live, who are the best doctors and hospitals for older folks, legal matters, financial matters, tax matters, etc. And it is unique for each of us.

If you would like a copy of the hand out, please contact Tracey at 859 351 6190

And remember…Aging With Grace–The Health Club for Seniors, is unlike any other option available. We are a CLUB. We have a clubhouse and we have Help At Home Services. We will help you live wherever you like. We will do whatever needs to be done for our members. We love our members and we exist to improve their health and quality of life. Members can come to the clubhouse for good food, fun, friends and health improvement, and/or can have a helper come to their home to do whatever they need or want to have done. Bea Well Power Point for linked in



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