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Erma is unique here at Aging With Grace because she has been with us since before we opened. She saw an ad we placed in the Hamburg Journal, and called me to ask what we were about. She has helped us immensely by volunteering her time and ideas to improve what we do here…delivering quality healthcare and preventative measures to keep our members as healthy as they can be. Erma is super creative (you should see our table centerpieces that she designed), which is a rare quality in a nurse. Yes, Erma is a retired nurse but she still has her license and helps us on a PRN basis. Erma has volunteered many places since she retired, and that is what makes Erma seem so youthful and vital. Retirement is not healthy if one sits too much. Erma is a snappy dresser and raises the bar on our dress code.

Erma is a stellar marketer. She has blessed us by helping to get the word out to the public in many different ways…via her church group, her volunteer groups, her friends and family.

Erma has shared her talents with us. Once she did a presentation on the dulcimer, and I for one learned a lot and enjoyed it thoroughly. She also did a tea time that was both lovely and tasty. She makes scones that are to die for. Another time she hostessed a breakfast here at the club, inviting her friends and supplying the scones.

Erma enlisted volunteers to help with the making of a commercial for Aging With Grace. Erma is reserved and private, and does not want to be in the limelight. But to me, Erma is a star. She even dresses like a celebrity. Erma is a snappy dresser and raises the bar on our dress code. Erma has helped us bring entertainment and visitors to the clubhouse too, and December will be all the more lively because of Erma’s efforts.

Aging With Grace would not be who we are today without Erma, and I am forever thankful to God for her. May God continue to bless you richly, Erma.

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