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December 27, 2015

I just gave myself a Margarita Pedicure here at Aging With Grace:

It was wonderful…but would have been much better if someone else was giving it to me so that all I had to do was relax. I have also been giving myself Paraffin Manicures because my hands are so dry in the winter. They work!

I believe that when a child of God is doing good things, he or she will be attacked. There is much evil in the world. I trust God to deliver us from the evil that attacks us, and He will smooth the path for delivering high quality healthcare and quality of life improving services to seniors who need us. I just read the book of Habakkuk earlier today and was comforted. I am going to read my Bible more and pray more to get through this recent attack!

May your New Year be filled with PEACE, LOVE, and other blessings from God!

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