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December 25, 2016

My 84 year old father and his 76 year old wife, who live in Louisville, and I, along with my 91 year old mother in law, in Lexington,  had a lovely Christmas Eve conversation while we watched Lawrence Welk from our separate living rooms. We thought about getting together for a Christmas dinner but I was not feeling well all day yesterday and decided I had better rest.

I feel worse today.  I am achy all over and have slept most of the day. Three days ago, my husband, Lawrence, traveled with our youngest son, Jacob, to visit our oldest son, David, and his new wife, Simona, in Suffolk, Virginia. He called last night after I had gone to bed to tell me he missed me while he was at a party hosted by our son’s wife’s Romanian friends. David and Simona just returned from a trip to Romania, where our son met his new in laws for the first time. He was very happy he visited and looks forward to a second visit. David and Simona are going to vacation in Florida for a week as soon as Lawrence and Jacob leave.

I am too broke to go on vacation, and even if we did have the money, I do not want to take the time because I am on a mission to change our culture surrounding the aging and aged in our country. We are open tomorrow, the 26th. God willing, I will feel better.


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