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December 13, 2015

Today from noon to six is Open House at Aging With Grace. We have Mattie’s homemade pumpkin bread (the best you have ever had, I am guessing) and eggnog waiting for you. Come learn what we can do for you or for a family member who is over the age of 50 and in need of some health improvement. Knowledge is power.

I learned yesterday that you can’t use a GPS to find the Kentucky Horse Park. Next Saturday I am volunteering there as an elf on behalf of the Lexington Rotary, but I mistakenly thought I was supposed to be there yesterday for the Southern Lights attraction. Lexington Rotary uses the money to buy coats for disadvantaged children. I also learned I need to be there before it gets dark, because the line into the park extended out almost onto the expressway.

Yesterday and today from 4 to 6 was and is The Christmas Experience at Immanuel Baptist Church. You have to begin before 4 to have time to see it all. If you did not make it this year, you should absolutely go next year. Immanuel puts a tremendous amount of time and money into the event to make it a Disney worthy attraction for the whole community. Larry and I are doing clean-up duty this evening as our contribution. Larry also sang in the choir and did parking lot duty yesterday.

I have been thinking a lot about truth. Are you a truth seeker? I want to be. If I find myself making excuses, rationalizing, imagining what happened or what could happen, I stop and rethink what I just thought. When I worked at MassMutual they called it ‘head trash’. I have a theory that people who do not seek truth are more at risk for developing dementia. Worry and anxiety are forms of untruths, too. I make it a point to examine the facts, act on those, and trust God for what I do not know.

Fact: You cannot trust your GPS to guide you to where you want to go. Next time I am going somewhere I have never driven to before, I will Mapquest it first. I also plan to put my Atlas back into my van.

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