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August 17, 2015

Our celebration on Saturday went well…met some new folks that we would like to get to know better.

On Sunday, after church, we visited my Aunt Lillie and Uncle Ralph in honor of her 80th birthday. My father, who is 82, met us at their house in Georgetown, IN. We brought a slideshow of old pictures from our 34 years of marriage showing hay rides and holiday family gatherings with them included. Uncle Ralph took Jack on a mini-tractor ride and even let him drive it! Made me nervous….he is not even 7 yet, but Jack sure did have fun!

This is going to be a busy week. We are on-boarding a number of new members and have many exciting club meetings, guest speakers, and entertainers scheduled. Come join us!


August 17


August 18


August 19


August 20


August 21


August 22

10:30 – Gardening Club or

Pastor Shane Frederick

Speaking on ‘Rest’

10:30 – Missions Club or

Guest Speaker

10:30 – LOVE Club or

UK Fan Club or Guest Speaker

10:30 – Art or Hunting & Fishing Club or

Brain Training + Hearing Solutions Lunch

10:30 – Solve Club

or Guest Speaker

2:00 – Glee Club or Scrabble


2:00 – SOME Club or

Bill Hughes: Preventing Elder Abuse

2:00 Book Club


2:00 Bridge Club or Entertainer 2:00 – Natural Resources Club

or Entertainer

2:00 – Bingo or Card Player’s Club or


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