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April 30, 2016

Does anybody know someone who can help us make a YouTube video? Here are the lyrics of a song I would like to record (sung to the tune of “Tea for Two”):

tea and a tale timeIt’s time for tea and time for a tale, a time to laugh until we cry

We don’t mind if you tell a lie, as long….

As you spin a yarn as big as a barn

To make us laugh as we joke together in

all kinds of weather, dear, we’re at Aging With Grace, dear

The health club for seniors, where we try to make

Ev’ ry day a joy to take with us as we go back home

We love you and you love me and that is how it should be

Oh, can’t you see how happy you make me?

We are inviting anyone who is willing to come and take the mic at 3:30 to 4:30 (or any span of time in during the hour) to tell a joke or a funny story for our members. I want to play the Tea and a Tale Time song when it is time for everyone to gather in the dining room for Tea and a Tale Time. Refreshments are served as people are seated.

The photo here shows a special Tea and a Tale Time that our wonderful volunteer, Erma, put together for us last fall. She brought all the fancy tea cups and saucers, etc. We love you, Erma!

Here are a few of the testimonials we have received in writing from some of our volunteers and family members so far…

“I’m so grateful for Aging With Grace. When I found my mother and got her out of the nursing home, Aging With Grace opened their doors to my mother.  They helped her when I had no funds to pay them until I could get the payment situation settled. If not for them I would not have had any help with my mother, and she needs 24/7 supervision and care. This is the best place for my mother. It is always clean and the staff is wonderful.”—Cheryl Taylor-Johnson
“I am so impressed with the facility and the care given at Aging With Grace. How I wish a place like this would have been available when my husband’s health was failing. At that time I was working to put my daughter through college. I tried in home care but it didn’t work out….I finally had to stay home to care for my husband to ensure he received the care he needed and deserved.”—Mattie Lowe

“Aging With Grace gives my mom a place to be with friends her own age. As my mother’s condition worsens, it is important to me for her to still feel needed. Aging With Grace gives her purpose and friendship. Her needs are always met with a loving and caring dedication from a very professional staff.”—Michael Hopkins

“The peace of mind that Aging with Grace +50 provides me is invaluable. They are courteous, caring, educated, patient and I am so grateful for them. As I have experienced other Adult Day services for my father, it is only at Aging with Grace +50 that I have been fully satisfied, and would refer them 100% to anyone needing care for their loved one. The daily atmosphere and cleanliness of the facility is impeccable. “—Italia Parisi

We have received many more accolades verbally, but I will not include them here.

May God bless your upcoming week!

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