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April 23, 2017

My plan for aging is to live in the house I live in now. We built it 10 years ago with aging in mind. It is a block from the bus stop so when we can no longer drive safely, we can still take the bus. Of course, there are other transportation options out there like ITN of the Bluegrass, Wheels (if we are disabled) and Lyft and Uber, and taxis. When we first moved here they said there would be a Kroger built close enough to walk to, but so far that has not transpired. The field is still undeveloped. They also said there would be a bike and walking trail that went from our house all the way downtown (about four miles) but that has not happened yet either. I love the trail as it is so far, however. I enjoy watching the people walk by our backyard and I enjoy walking on the trail too.

I work at Aging With Grace, The Health Club for Seniors, but someday I may not be able to work there, and if and when that happens, I will still go there every day to have my health needs met. While at the club I can eat breakfast, dinner and have a heavy snack so all I will need in the evening is a light supper. I will be able to interact with others and exercise and get spa treatments. At home I may need to have someone to help me cook, clean, do laundry, do home maintenance (including yard work) and repairs, help me with getting dressed, bathed, oral hygiene, medication administration, shopping and money management, and if that is the case, the competent people at Aging With Grace will schedule someone to come into my home to do what needs to be done.

I will have a video surveillance system and safety features installed and the good folks at Aging With Grace can help with that, too. I will wear an alert device that looks like a watch, and if I have an emergency like a fall where I can’t get up, I will push the button and one of the staff members at Aging With Grace will be notified and come to help me.

I have a lower level to my house that is a separate apartment. It has it’s own entrance. I may find a nursing student to live down there just to be a presence in the house and for back up and oversight in exchange for free rent.

So that is my plan, but of course, it may not be God’s plan. He is in control and His will be done.

May you and yours be blessed in the week ahead.

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