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Our Events are designed to be informative and fun!

Together we gain knowledge so we can live better, longer!

Sometimes seniors and concerned others don’t know what they don’t know, and that is why we are here to assist you. Besides our events, if you have questions, we will help you get answers, or we will tell you where to go to find out.

This is a FREE service.

See below for 2021 NADSA Conference “The Perfect Vehicle for the Journey 50+” material

The Perfect Vehicle for the Jouney 50+
NADSA Conference 2021



Aging With Grace 50+ offers support groups and educational meetings for the friends & families of our members to help them on the journey to their best health and quality of life possible.

Financial Wellness Seminar May 29 at 6:30

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Improving Our Balance

Come and improve your balance with us every Saturday at 2:00. We do exercises to help us stay physically upright. Keeping our mental and  spiritual balance is important as well, so this is also a time to discuss what is important to us.

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Aging With Grace and $tyle

Monthly meetings at Aging With Grace to help women increase their financial literacy and plan for retirement. It takes health and wealth to age with grace. 6:30 to 7:30 pm the last Tuesday of the month and a supper salad is provided.

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Talking to Aging Parents about their Future Care

Here are some resources to prepare aging parents or family members about their future care plan: Talking with parents about their future Talking with your parents about long-term care needs can be difficult. For some, even the idea of discussing the possible disability or dependence of their parent(s) is overwhelming. The following are some articles […]

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Call Us At: (859) 539-2147