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Aging With Grace, Your Best Independent Life Club, is a new concept in senior services because the club combines the services of a adult day health care center with nursing services, a senior center, and a spa in an exclusive club atmosphere. The focus is on prevention and improvement!

The founder, DG Linton Gridley, who is a senior herself, discovered that the day time options for meeting the needs of seniors were limited in Lexington, KY, when she became the primary caregiver for her mother and father in law in 2007.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” has been DG’s guiding principle as long as she can remember, and prompted her to set about creating a the kind of environment where she would like to spend her days as she grows older.

Statistics show that most seniors prefer to remain in their homes as long as their needs can be met there. ‘Aging in place’ is also the most cost effective setting for aging. As we age, we may need a little assistance with medical needs, getting proper nutrition, and social interaction and mental stimulation. The Club provides all that and more!

Individual Assessments

Potential Club members will be assessed on an individual basis by the Wellness Consultant, who will collaborate with the potential member’s personal physician to determine if Aging With Grace is a good fit for the potential member. A loss of two activities of daily living (ADL’s) will qualify a member for payment by Medicaid (if eligible) or by home and community based long term care insurance if owned by the member. Private payers do not need a loss of ADL’s for membership, but only an assessment to determine if Aging With Grace can meet their needs.

The Wellness Map©

wellness map 4

The Wellness Map© is a tool for you and your team of health professionals to use to guide you to better health. There is a category for a Personal Inventory before beginning the journey to better health. This section contains your basic personal information.This information is taken during a tour of the club or over the phone before scheduling an appointment for the Starting Point interview in your home or at the Fountain of Youth Clubhouse.

From the Personal Inventory we move on to your Starting Point, which is a more complete picture of your health history and present health. As with any journey, we have to determine where we are and where we want to go before we can determine the way. This section also looks in depth at your home’s health, because your home’s health affects your health.

Next we look at your goals for better health—your Destination. What would you like to improve? What would give you a better quality of life?

If we are able to serve you, the next step of the journey to better health is done during a scheduled appointment with our Wellness Consultant and Coordinator at the club. There is a Membership Agreement, and other preparations to be made before embarking on the next phase of the journey to better health. We must understand that we are traveling together to better health, and there are rules and parameters for everyone’s benefit.

And then we give you The Map, a personal guide designed by our team. This is an individualized recommendation for exercises, spa treatments, club meetings, nutrition, and special endeavors.

Last, but not least, there are Checkpoints recommended so that during your journey to better health, possible obstacles can be caught early before they become a problem.

Aging With Grace Values

DG has had years of experience working in and studying other venues for seniors, prompting her to vow to enforce this mission statement and these values and to ensure that the staff at Aging With Grace practices them always:

Aging With Grace exists to improve your health and quality of life. Aging With Grace will provide services, in compliance with federal and state statutes, to all eligible participants regardless of age, color, creed, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, national origin, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

  • Respect: Aging With Grace respects you. You are a unique individual with dignity and a valuable history.
  • Appreciation: Aging With Grace knows we are employed because you are here. We are thankful for your patronage.
  • Sacrifice and Service: Aging With Grace wants to serve you. We will put your needs above our own.
  • Grace: Aging With Grace acknowledges that everyone requires unmerited favor at some time in our lives, and therefore we will bestow grace to all. We will treat others as we would like to be treated.


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