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Aging with Grace, Aging in Place

Better than a Fitness Center, More than an Adult Day or Senior Center ...

Aging With Grace is a new approach to improving the health of seniors and keeping seniors out of nursing homes. We are a health club with a team of health professionals to help implement a healthy and active lifestyle plan for each of our members.

Variety of Services to improve Mind, Body & Spirit

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Dignified Medical Monitoring

We will work with you and a team of health professionals to help implement an improvement plan for you or your loved one, called a Wellness Map.

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Fun Activities that Create Friendships

We offer a variety of club meetings, activities that will provide good fun, and opportunities to develop new friendships with a focus on improving the health of mind and body.

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Relax with Spa Treatments

We offer massage therapy, manicures, pedicures, hairdressing, spa skin treatments and much more so you will feel pampered, relaxed and renewed.

Here is what Health Professionals have to say:

  • "Maintaining independence as we age can be a real challenge. Adult day services help us deal with that challenge. They can free us from constant dependence on family during the day while making it easier to continue living in our own homes and neighborhoods." - Michael D. Smith, Ph.D., MHA

  • “Clearly all the evidence points to the fact that all people can benefit from exercise and activities, no matter what their age. There has been research showing measurable strength and balance improvement in older tai chi participants. The Health Club for Seniors provides a setting that encourages exercise and activities." - David Shelton, MHS, PT

  • “I think adult day services are a great idea. I treat so many elderly patients with chronic pain problems that really limit their ability to get out and maintain some sort of social life. It is frustrating to see them get depressed and give up hope. If they had The Health Club for Seniors, where they could be around others and do some exercises tailored to their needs along with the other services The Club offers, I am sure many would feel much better and have their spirits lifted.” - Gary L. Reasor, MD, FIPP