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“Cognitive activity is affecting how soon, and how severe, brain pathology is expressed as memory and thinking problems,” said study researcher Robert S. Wilson, a neuropsychologist at Rush University in Chicago.

Art Class

Art Class

We offer our members of variety of workshops, educational opportunities and brain-stimulating games, such as:

  • Club Meetings: Clubs are designed by current member interests and are constantly changing. Please see Grace Place Club Meetings. Join a club that interests you or we will help you start one of your own!
  • Religious Studies and Current Events discussions.
  • Classes about understanding Medicare, current healthcare issues and practices and preventative health tips
  • Computer and technology activities
  • Guest Speakers on engaging and informing topics that are relative to our members
  • Music, comedy and theatrical performers for entertainment

The schedule of our classes and workshops will be posted in our building foyer and on our website under the News tab in the Newsletter.