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Once a potential member has been medically approved for membership, a membership card will be issued. The membership card is also a name tag. Members are asked to schedule the days and hours they would like to attend in advance, so staff and supplies are sure to be available and to avoid overbooking of the clubhouse.

For a limited time, The Club is offering a grand re-opening special price of  $10.00 per hour of attendance at the club, and a free Wellness Consultation and Wellness Map (a $100. value) Medical Supervision, Exercise Sessions, Games, Puzzles, Art Projects, Food Fare, Guest Speakers/Entertainers and Club Meetings are included in the price of membership. Does not include daily personal care items.

There will be a yearly $100.00 membership fee*, when the Wellness Map and medical records will be updated.

Prepaid, full time (four days or more per week) attendance is $73 per day and includes a spa treatment weekly.

Seniors exercising

A medically documented loss of two activities of daily living (ADL’s) will qualify a member for payment by Medicaid (if eligible) or by home and community based long term care insurance, if owned by the member.

Members may pay with credit card, ACH debit from a checking account, as well as with paper checks and cash.

*The Wellness Consultation date becomes the annual membership renewal date, when a yearly $100 membership fee is due.

Please click on link to see our price list in it’s entirety: Grace Place Price List July 2017