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Here is a list of our staff positions:

senior-staffWellness Consultant, a Registered Nurse. The Wellness Consultant meets with each potential member in their home or at the club to determine if The Health Club for Seniors is the best place to maintain and improve their health.

Club Planner, a certified activity planner, coordinates the daily schedule and is available for spa treatments. Our Club Planner is Aging With Grace’s face in front of the community. Be sure to contact our Club Planner if you would like to entertain or educate our club members and guests.

Club ANSR (State Registered Nurse Assistant rearranged to Assistant to Nurse, State Registered and pronounced ‘answer’). Our Club ANSR is the answer to delivering dignified help when it is most needed. Our Club ANSRs are the heart of what Aging With Grace is about.

Dining Director, works to offer specialized and delicious meals for seniors. Our Dining Director is responsible for all food related matters. We love our Dining Director!

Assistant Dining Director, a student intern studying to be a nutritionist. The Assistant Dining Director is responsible for all food related matters under the Dining Director’s tutelage, but on regularly scheduled times that the Dining Director is not at the club.

Club Director/Coordinator, who is experienced and educated in health care administration.

Volunteers, who are trained according to state requirements, the same as for paid staff.

All staff and volunteers have name tags. Because we are here to serve you, you need to be able to know who to ask for assistance!