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January 13, 2018

herbsFridays are when our garden club meets at Aging With Grace. Each member who chose to participate planted 2 small pots of parsley at the clubhouse yesterday while waiting for the big ice and snowstorm to hit (it never did). We also did balance improvement exercises, played corn hole, learned what the Dancing Cuckoo Week was all about, learned what herbs to plant and how to plant and care for them, and took care of things like incontinence issues, changing oxygen tanks and colostomy bags. I gave myself a manicure, and would have gladly given one to a member if they desired it, or any other spa treatment for that matter.

Last March we planted tomato seeds and our members became very attached to their particular plant. It became a competition to see whose tomato plant was growing the fastest and the biggest. After the plants reached a size where they should be planted outdoors, we sent them home with our members. We also planted flowers in May and sent them home. However, this year we are doing our plantings a little differently. One of the containers of herb plants will be planted in larger pots here at the clubhouse when they are ready. The other can be taken home. Please watch for our beautiful herb garden outside when the weather warms!

We were going to have our Bee Bucks Auction on Friday, but several of our members were missing due to the threatening weather and illness so we postponed it till next Friday. The Bee Bucks Auction is held once a month and gives our members an opportunity to use their Bee Bucks to bid on and win items. Bee Bucks are given out in the course of a day at the clubhouse as a reward or a prize for various games and undertakings. It all adds to the FUN! Let me take this opportunity to thank all of our generous donors who contribute to the Bee Bucks Auction.

We also learned how healthy it is to eat fresh parsley. I had no idea. If you are interested, please follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtm8BaK6Su8 (I chose this one because it was made by an English gentleman….I love the English culture. It is our theme at Aging With Grace).

May you and yours be blessed in the wintry week ahead!